Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Almond is in from the cold and needs a home

**Note, this is not a Feline Rescue cat, but we're posting this as a courtesy to her rescuers because we want her to find a great home! 

Almond is an adorable, little Siamese-tabby mix kitty.  She was lost or abandoned and spent the summer outside fending for herself:

I can't remember exactly how I got there, but somehow I discovered the yard of some kind people who put out lots of yummy foods for the birds and chipmunks. So I started spending lots of time in the yard with all the yummy birds and chipmunks. Gulp! Soon the kind people discovered that if they put out yummy kitty food for me, I wouldn't need to eat the wildlife. As it started to get cold, the people decided it was time for me to come inside. It's too cold out there for a little kitty all alone! So now here I am, all fixed up and getting fattened up and looking for a forever home. 

I'm cute and sweet, but I'm shy. After all, I've been fending for myself for a while now. I'm looking for someone who is patient, kind, and gentle. I'm very gentle myself. I would do well with another cat so we could play and just be cats together. 

If you might have the right home for Almond and are interested in fostering of adopting her, email or call 651-295-3758. 


  1. Replies
    1. She's at her rescuer's home here in the Twin Cities. Feel free to call if you need any more info.


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