Thursday, December 6, 2012


Casper or Cas as his family likes to call him has found his home.  You may remember Casper came into our care very sick and needed a lot of medical care.  He continues to grow healthier but it may take more time for him to overcome his persistent runny nose and watery eyes. Fortunately his family understands his needs and just being able to settle in his forever home will hopefully give him a boost.

We are just so excited to see and hear that this special boy is already doing so well in his home.

First off, Cas is settling in to his new home very well. It didn't take long for him to want to explore the rest of the house, so we didn't force him to stay in the office once he seemed comfortable. Taiko is suspicious of him, and there is some hissing and grumbling from his end, but he isn't otherwise very aggressive toward Cas. Cas, on his part, is completely unconcerned by Taiko's posturing. I think once Taiko realizes that Cas isn't a threat, and isn't going to give in to his nonsense, he'll get over it.

Last night, I slept on the floor of the office to keep him company, and he spent at least part of the night curled up on my pillow, purring by my head. He's such a sweet little guy, and we're so happy to have him as part of our family.

Thank you to Casper's family for giving his story another happy beginning.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful update! Thank you to the foster family that cared for dear little Casper. Thank you to Feline Rescue for helping the kitties!


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