Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Nelson Girls

A letter from the Nelson girls, all former Feline Rescue foster kittens.

Dear Feline Rescue:

You might know us as Diamond and Pearl. However, we prefer to go by Rudi and Riley. Rudi - - because my new Forever Grandma is Ruth and my new Forever Mom is Diane. I wanted both of their names in my new name. So, at a family “meeting,” we all decided to change my sister’s name to Riley, - - mostly because it starts with an “R” just like mine does – and also because we all like that name.


We have our very own room with a night-light so we don’t get scared of the dark and also a radio on for us all the time. However, we have just now grown up enough to settle down (sometimes) and sleep with mom at night in a “big bed.” I (Rudi) sleep as close as I can to Mom, and Riley is “on-call” all night, keeping a close watch on the house, making sure everything is okay before settling down with Mom and me. Mom tells us that she has never had two kitties at a time before, but is SO VERY GLAD that she got us and that it is DOUBLE the pleasure to have my sister and me join the family.


We just celebrated our first birthday on September 15. We got some new toys - - stayed up late and entertained Mom with our never-ending energy (as we do every night) and realized how thankful we are for Feline Rescue, our Foster Mom, Deb - -(who is now our “Aunt”) for giving us such a good start to life; and also for our new “Forever” home. Life is PURR-fect.


Our lives took an unexpected turn when Mom brought home a new baby sister for us several weeks ago. Mom explained that she was one of the ten kitties left at Feline Rescue along with their mom, Lady Gray. We were amazed that our new step-sister, Ronni, (f/k/a “Raia”) had the same foster mom as we did !! So we are almost related !! Plus, she looks a lot like Rudi - - a true Tortie. However, we decided not to like this little four month old/four pound bundle of energy. So Mom and Foster Mom Deb decided to keep Ronni separated from us and go through a formal introduction “by the book” as Mom says. That must have worked because now we are together all the time.. Ronni still irritates us once in a while when she chases our tails and jumps on us, but we get her back by eating her kitten food until Mom takes it away. We have decided to accept her as our “real” sister after-all. At first she thought she was in charge, but we were here first and are bigger, so I think she understands her place now. Riley and I decided to be nice and “show her the ropes.” Life is TRIPLE fun now !!!!


Rudi and Riley Nelson and now Ronni Nelson (Sisters and BFF)

Thank you to your Mom and Grandma!  We love repeat adoptions.

Ronni's mom Lady Gray is looking for her forever home.  Please contact our foster adoption coordinator at 651-705-6264 if you would like to learn more about her.

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