Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Reindeer Raja and Santa Simba

Brothers Raja and Simba, former Feline Rescue foster kittens, looking quite adorable for the holidays.

Reindeer Raja (FKA Coriander) and Santa Simba (FKA Sesame) want to wish all the wonderful people at Feline Rescue a happy holiday season!

The boys are doing really well, extremely mischievous (hence their nickname – The Hooligans) and seemingly getting bigger by the day. Thanks for the care you give all the cats!

Happy New Year, Sharon

And further explanation as to how Sharon got the photo:

This picture was taken after an extremely rambunctious night where they did very little sleeping and a lot of racing around. I thought I'd have about 10 seconds to get the picture before they woke up, but they were way too tired to care. They are really funny guys with very distinct personalities.

Thank you Sharon for giving the boys such a great home!

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