Friday, February 15, 2013

Another little family rescued from the cold

**Note, these are not Feline Rescue cats, but we're posting this as a courtesy to their rescuer because we want them to find great homes! 

Murphy, Marie, and their mother Olive were recently rescued from the streets of St. Paul. They were spotted curled up together in a dried-up, heated birdbath one frigid morning. Their rescuers, some kind neighbors, have had the cats to the vet to be fixed up, so they are almost ready to go to their new forever homes. 

Momma Olive is sweet, sweet, sweet! After being a stray, she's looking forward to getting back into the routine of being a regular house cat. She loves that her meals are provided now and she doesn't have to scrounge them up for the kids.  

Kittens Murphy and Marie take their cues from Olive, so they are calm and turning into sweet kittens too. They will take a little extra kindness and patience in the beginning, as they are still shy.  These two are both adorable and couldn't look cuter together. They would like to be adopted as a pair. And if you'd like to take the whole beautiful, little family home, that would be OK too! 

For more information about adopting Murphy and Marie and/or Olive email

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