Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Friends Duncan and Merce

Duncan and Merce, fka Wylie and Prince, were adopted together from Feline Rescue's adoption center although at the time they had not met each other. Their family took the time to introduce them to each other slowly and now these handsome boys are great friends.

On Sept 16, 2012, we adopted "Wylie" and "Prince"; we renamed them Duncan and Merce respectively. At the time they had never met and we kept them separated for several weeks, gradually getting them used to each other and their new home. Merce is more active and often chases Duncan around, though Duncan is very intent about defending his food dish if Merce tries anything funny at mealtime. After a couple of months, they began grooming eachother as well as wrestling and now they usually sleep together.

Thanks for our charming housemates,

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