Monday, February 11, 2013

Bonded Brothers

Brothers Atti and Boo were rescued as babies by Feline Rescue Outreach volunteers.  Although the boys were born outside, they don't remember anything about all that. They are happy house cats. But they need a home! Atti can tell you more:
Hi there! We are adorable young brothers looking for a home together. We love both to snuggle and to play rough with each other. We are about 10 months old.
Although we have literary names (Atticus and Boo), we don't know how to read.  We do like to snuggle with our people while they read or to pile into their bed at night. And we like to watch TV.  What little boys don't?
We will probably do best in a quieter home.  Although I'm an easy-going guy (I'm the one who lets my people dress me up in clothes after all...), my brother Boo is on the shyer side. We are both beautiful and on the fluffy side. 

We hope that you'll call or email for more information about us!

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