Friday, March 15, 2013

Gracie and Onyx need a home

Last fall, Feline Rescue outreach volunteers were called to help with a large group of cats living outside in St. Paul. A kind neighbor was feeding them, but because the cats had not been spayed and neutered, the population was steadily growing!

Most of the cats in this group were quite friendly. A few that weren’t social with people were spayed/neutered and returned to the area where they live, where they are provided with food, water, and shelter.  Several very young kittens were taken in and adopted out through our foster program. Nibs and others came to the adoption center and found homes.

A few young, friendly cats were too shy to approach strangers right away. But outreach volunteers didn’t want to see them left behind just because they were less trusting than other members of their family.  So these cats were taken in by individual volunteers. Zipper, Petey, and two adorable gray kittens have all been adopted.  Sweet Gracie and Onyx are still looking for a forever home.

You may remember those fun young cats Sven, Finn, and siblings from the Adoption Center?  Onyx is their shyer sister, and Gracie is probably a cousin.  It takes these girls a little while to warm up to new people, but they are sweet kitties once they do.  They enjoy affection from their foster family and purr to be petted.  Gracie and Onyx love having two good meals a day, to relax in sunny windows, and to chase each other around the house.  Life is good for these two lucky kitties.  But they do need to find a new foster home—or better yet a forever home! Gracie and Onyx get along great with other cats.  For more information or if you can help out these sweet girls, contact

Now that all the cats in Gracie and Onyx's old neighborhood have been spayed and neutered, there will be no more kittens this spring and the lives of all the cats there have improved.  Please help get homeless cats in your community spayed and neutered to prevent unwanted litters and to ease the suffering of more homeless pets.

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