Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tristan: One More Special Kitty Rescued

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Tristan came into rescue from an animal control facility. He ended up at animal control after being confiscated from a home as part of a hoarding case. A horrific situation in which 49 live cats and 29 deceased cats were removed from the home.

After a period of adjustment with an experienced Feline Rescue foster caregiver, he is playful, purring and loves being pet.

Updates from his foster caregiver:

I feel so sad for him. He is so scared but hasn't hissed or made a single noise other then his nose that whistles. He doesn't walk very well and he tried to jump on a shelf and he fell. He has some bald spots and his fur is discolored and very thin in some spots. I feel so sad for him. I wish I could make him feel safe but he is so scared when I'm in there with him.

Something so good happened! A little bit ago I went into the bathroom to try to clean Tristan with waterless bath spray and I put a little of the spray on my hand and rubbed it into his fur and he just rolled over like he wanted to be pet! So I started petting him and he got up and was rubbing all over my hand and purring! I pet him for 40 minutes and he purred the whole time! You would never have known this was the same cat that I got from MACC the other day! I took a really long video (I cut parts out so you didnt have to watch 20 minutes of me petting a cat!) and its bad quality but I'm so happy and proud of him!

I just gave Tristan a bath and he did so well. He just tucked his tail between his legs, while I held him and washed him. But the smell is still there. I think it could be even stronger. Maybe it's because he is wet. When we started washing him there wasn't any visible dirt but it was like smells were being released, he even smelled like cigarettes.

And here is a tongue shot and a after surgery shot! I don't think he knows he had surgery today and he is being so playful! The vet did say that he has a genetic abnormality called a luxating patella. I'm not sure what this means yet, but he has to see a specialist. And he doesn't have ring worm, yay!, but the bald spots on his neck are probably from another male cat biting him to try to mate. :( but he is happy now and that's what is important!

Tristan is now playing!

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  1. He is so playful! Those pictures of him just make me want to cuddle him in my arms. :) Glad to see that he's doing much better, and thank goodness to his foster caregiver for taking care of him.



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