Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Meet Louise

Meet Louise (aka Low Rider aka Wild Child)

Louise came to her foster home alone, terrified and frostbitten. For the first week she was scared and hid almost constantly. Several times her foster family couldn't find her in her room and thought she had disappeared, only to find her in the strangest, hard to get to, hiding places! Her foster family knew that torties have a reputation of being sassy and they thought “Not Louise! She is just a sad, scared little thing.”

A month later Louise is doing amazing and is a sassy little torti just like she should be! She loves to play, sometimes a little too rough, but we are working on that and we think once she is able to be around other cats in her foster home she will learn some manners and get some of her kitten energy out! She loves to play and likes to “hide” then pounce then run away real fast- then do it all again 100 times. We think she has major fetching potential!

She also loves to cuddle, perch on shoulders and lick fingers and watch the fish in the aquarium!

Louise is going in for her spay surgery today and will soon be ready to be adopted! Louise will definitely need to go to a home where there is another young cat or be adopted with another kitten from a different litter. Her foster family’s resident cats have quickly slipped in to her room a few times and each time she starts purring so hard then cries and cries when her mean foster mom takes them away!

If you are interested in meeting Louise, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.

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