Saturday, March 9, 2013

Prevent Homeless Moms and Babies

In one week Feline Rescue's foster program has gone from no moms and babies to three moms and 17 babies! It is always heartwarming and rewarding to get a pregnant cat or a mom with newborns inside safely and the subsequent kitten photos are lots of fun, but we really look forward to the day when there are significantly fewer homeless cats.

Priya and her five babies (just a couple days old) were living outside. This is at least her third litter before being brought into rescue.

Renee was brought pregnant with her three older kittens to our shelter a day before she gave birth to six babies yesterday in her foster home.

If you see a homeless cat in your community and you are unable to take it in and rescue waiting lists are long, please contact an organization to get the homeless cat spayed or neutered. To learn more about Feline Rescue sponsored spay/neuter clinics for homeless cats contact our outreach team at

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  1. I'm so happy you were able to save the moms and babies before something horrible happened to them.Thank you for the wonderful work you do!


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