Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dora in the land of the giants

My foster kitten, Dora, was adopted by a family with a cat and a Great Dane AND they foster Great Danes. It was a bit of a challenge for a young girl from a home with no dogs but the updates are all good :-)
Here is Dora getting a little braver with my dog Major.  Last night she walked past the other dane and sniffed his paw.  We are keeping the interactions brief and safe as she is very guarded around them and chooses to mostly watch from a safe hideout.  Dora has approached our other cat but so far the other cat prefers to only watch Dora from a distance.  Echo hisses when Dora gets too close and Dora understands to back of

Thanks for checking in on Dora...also called New Kitty.
She and the dogs are doing great!!!!  Actually they get along far better that she does with our other cat.
Unfortunately the other cat still does not seem too happy that New Kitty joined our family but no worries because she gets lots of love, attention and play from the rest of us.
Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue

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