Thursday, April 18, 2013

Duke Ellington, Gentleman Cat

I may not be the first cat you notice when you visit Feline Rescue's Adoption Center. At times I'm in deep meditation, pondering the delicious things in life. At other times, I like to mix with the people and charge them a petting toll before they may pass. I keep the humans guessing. I confess, I like to play hard to get. It's all part of my charm. If you want to see my wild side, just bring out a laser pen! I love to chase that red dot for all its worth.

I've been at Feline Rescue for a long time. Why? I have no idea! I have so many fine qualities. I'm laid back and well behaved. I always use the litter box and I have impeccable manners. I'm very polite to other cats. And let me tell you, I've met quite a few! I don't like to fight. I'm a peaceful guy. And best of all, I'm orange!

My sister and I came to Feline Rescue in 2003, after being rescued by volunteers.  Then I was adopted with my sister, Billie Holliday. When our person moved, he didn't take us with.  So we came back to Feline Rescue. Billie Holiday found her 'forever home' but I'm still here, years later.

I've made many good friends in my life at Feline Rescue, both human and feline. But I'd love to have a family and home to call my very own. I'd like a calm home, with other peaceful zen-cats like me, no wee children chasing me. If you're looking for another gentle cat like me, you could adopt my friend Sadey too! She's a fine girl. Share me with your friends if you have no room at the inn. They may be looking for a special orange guy like me!

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