Monday, April 15, 2013

Thomas: Time to Trust Again

Thomas had been hanging around the neighborhood for quite a while. After a long and very hard winter, finally someone took the time to catch up with him and invite him inside.
Thomas was in rough shape. He was muddy, his ears were filthy, and his fur was full of burrs. He's all fixed and cleaned up now. Thomas will always have a little, bent ear to recall his days on the streets. But it only adds to his charm.
Thomas is a charming orange fellow.  He's looking for someone who understands that he's been through a lot and still needs some time to relax and fully learn to trust again. He was likely once someone's laid-back orange kitty, before he somehow ended up outside and all alone. The soft pink bed here is really helping Thomas remember all the things he loves about living inside. He also likes the toys and all the good food.

Thomas was lucky to have a kind neighbor to rescue him and offer a soft place to land while his medical needs were provided. Now he needs another kind person to take it from here. He's ready to move on to a foster home or even to find a forever home with someone who can show him lots of patience and love. In return, and in time, this sweet, orange guy will bring love and joy into your life too.
For more information or to help Thomas, contact
**Note, Thomas is not a Feline Rescue cat, but we're posting this as a courtesy to his rescuer because we want him to find a great home.

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