Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fostering the Foreclosure Kitties

One of our experienced foster caregivers has been a real lifesaver. She’s taking in "foreclosure kitties" to keep them safe while they can be evaluated for best placement. As one kitty is placed, she has room to help another. And there are many that need help! Here are some of the cats she’s helped rescue so far, in her own words:

These cats are amazing, for all they've been through. Even though they were all frightened when they arrived, within a couple of days they started to show that they were really trying to trust me & accept some affection. I see a little progress every day, and it's so encouraging!



Ebony & Chestnut are already off to new homes. Hickory was a "tough guy" at first, but I keep sneaking in a few pets while he's eating and he's deciding he likes the sensation. Instead of running to hide in his carrier when I come into the kitty room, he now heads for the door to see if I'm bringing food. Since he's perpetually hungry, I get lots of chances to rub his back (his ears are next!).


Hawthorne, despite having missed lots of meals in the past, already has food preferences. He doesn't accept much petting yet, and these kitties don't seem to remember how to play - toys often just startle them at first. But Hawthorne already loves playing the "wand toy under the rug" game and he likes balls with bells or rattles (I hear them in the middle of the night from the next room).


Twig is too little for a full-sized tree name - I'm guessing he's about 5 months old. He's really skinny & he definitely hasn't grown into his ears yet. He's got beautiful coloring, a sweet little moustache & his toes have cute black stripes between them. He rubs & head-butts & falls down when I massage his ears. He purrs up a storm, too, but he doesn't like to be approached head-on.  For some reason that still scares him.


I don't know Linden very well yet. For the first couple of days he sat in the back of his carrier with his ears flat, staring at me, and he wouldn't eat until I left the room. When he blinked at me a couple times and then actually closed his eyes for a nap, it was major progress. Today, after the kitties had breakfast, I was playing with Twig & I heard Linden meowing behind me! He stopped when I turned around but started up again when I went back to Twig's game. He actually wanted attention!


When the kitties first came to my house, I wondered if they'd fight with each other or spray or display some other wild behavior. But they're all very sweet & are already responding to patience, attention, good food, and a reliable schedule. Given their history, each one of them is a little miracle.

There are lots more kitties that need to be placed. If you can help by fostering or adopting, please email

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