Sunday, May 5, 2013

Phelix, Life After Adoption (formerly Milio)

From Rachel:

We wanted to provide an update on Milio (now known as Phelix), who became our newest family member in mid-March.

He is doing great! When we took him to our vet for a routine wellness exam right after adopting him, everyone was surprised to discover that he was suffering from some pretty significant anemia (low red blood cell (RBC) count)--because he showed no outward signs of any health issues. We did some diagnostics with imaging and his bone marrow, and we've ruled out anything super scary. At this time it is most likely that he has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), based on his diagnostics. One of our other cats has this as well; it is a very manageable condition so his prognosis is excellent--he has a loving family to care for him and a whole team of great vets at the U looking out for him.

Despite all of this drama, he is doing very well! His RBC is headed in the right direction, and he is happily settling in to our household. He is socializing well with his new big sister Kizmet and his new brother Frankie--he and Frankie have been spotted playing together, so we are optimistic that they will become best buddies. He enjoys sunbeams (what few that we've had!) and watching the wildlife through our windows. Needless to say, he is a beautiful cat, and he has a great personality... we couldn't be happier to count him as part of our family!

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