Friday, May 24, 2013

Cat Caregivers Needed

Over the last few weeks, Feline Rescue outreach volunteers have rescued almost 50 abandoned cats from one location near the Twin Cities. A number of people, including other local rescue groups, are helping by providing temporary care or food and supplies for these cats. We really appreciate all the support! But we still need short-term shelter for over a dozen of the rescued cats. Right now they are safe and well fed but some are in cramped quarters. It can be difficult for cats to overcome their fears in kennels.

Our outreach coordinators work with volunteers to evaluate the health of the cats and to find more permanent placement for them. Some will go to shelters for adoption, some will be fostered in homes, and the cats that are less social will be relocated to farms/hobby farms away from the city.

If you or someone you know is willing to be a temporary caregiver, you would provide one or more of the foreclosure kitties with a calm, clean environment and perhaps help take them to the vet for medical treatment. Even short-term care would give these cats a chance to eat, heal, play, and remember their catness. Especially if you are someone with a soft spot for black kitties, we have plenty of those needing some TLC. Please contact Molly if you can help!

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