Saturday, June 7, 2008

Velvet: Shelter Greeter

Visit the Feline Rescue shelter, and Velvet is likely to be the cat running to greet you or rubbing your legs. Touch her hair, and you will wish to wear her next to your skin. Velvet is quite appreciative of head stroking and petting from strangers. Occasionally she will carry on conversations, though usually she is just a good listener. Volunteers seek out Velvet for her softness, friendliness, and gentle forehead kisses. She gets along well with most humans and felines, though she prefers cats that are not sprightly. She is flexible in terms of the home she seeks: she will do fine by herself, with other cats, or with dogs. Just don't covet her hair, because Velvet is not willing to share it! After all, she is the Queen! But she is willing to hang up her throne in exchange for a forever home and will easily reach a mutual understanding with her new family.

To learn more about Velvet, please call our shelter at 651.642.5900 ext. 3, or visit her Petfinder Page.

1 comment:

  1. Velvet has such a wise face, she's what I'd call "an old soul", a cat who's seen it all before and isn't phased by much at all. I do hope someone offeres her a good home soon :)


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