Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sponsor Me: Sissy

Sissy truly enjoys the good things in life. Although her day is scheduled from dawn to dusk with napping, dozing, resting, slumbering, snoozing, getting in forty winks, taking a siesta, nodding off, drowsing off, and sleeping, she is sure to incorporate her feline friends into her schedule. Her activities require plenty of nourishment, so Sissy takes plenty of breaks for crunching kibble and lapping up canned cat food. One can only guess that Sissy must be close to exhaustion when she crashes into the nearest bed after her last meal of the day!

To tell the truth, Sissy is not always eating or sleeping. Because she is not particularly comfortable with humans, visitors are not likely to see Sissy out and about, unless she is surprised by their presence, in which instance she is likely to scurry across the floor to the most secure position apart from them. Sissy is most likely to be observed hunched down in her bed, making herself as small as possible, as she waits in a semi-petrified state for the strange humans to depart. Although Sissy is not a spa aficionado, she does have some human friends who pet her, brush her, and clip her nails to keep her looking and feeling her best. During quiet times at the shelter Sissy frequently sits at the door to her room, observing the roaming cats. In reality, she is waiting for the coast to be clear, so that she can chase the toy mouse in her room while maintaining her staid reputation. Her closest human friends know that on occasion, Sissy may be enticed to forget herself, and chase and attack the feather on the end of the wand! Shhh!

Donating to Feline Rescue's sponsorship program is a great way to support our mission. Sponsorships make wonderful gifts! Recipients receive a photo and biographical sketch of the cat. Download this form to sponsor Sissy or one of her friends. To see other cats available for sponsorship, click here.

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  1. I wonder what made Sissy so wary of humans. If only they could talk.


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