Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Adoption Event, Saturday June 7

Do you remember these cuties?


Well, they've grown some and now they are these cuties:

And guess what?! The kitten who was named Fiona is now named Fergus. Yep, we messed up. But he forgives us. They're now neutered and ready for adoption! They will be at the adoption event this Saturday, June 7 along with these other great cats:

Rikki(left), the beautiful tortiseshell will be at the adoption. Holly (right) is still a little shy so she won't be coming. We're still hoping they can be adopted, together though. You can read more about Rikki and Holly here.

Next we have the beautiful Starlet & Lana. They will also be at the Petco this Saturday. They really hope to be adopted together. They've been waiting almost a year. You can read more about Lana and Starlet here.

And finally, the lovely Madison will be making an apperance this Saturday as well. Madison is the mama cat of the late Dicken and the fiesty Dolly. You can read more about Madison here.

So if you're looking to adopt a fine cat or two, stop by the Roseville Petco from 11-2 this Saturday. Let us know you saw us on the blog!


  1. Wow, they grew up fast. Still as cute as ever though. Hope everyone finds wonderful homes on Saturday!

  2. Look how they have grown so beautifully!

    Good luck with the Adoption Event, I hope many cats and kittens find great forever homes :)

  3. Thanks for promoting pet adoption. It's a topic that is been near and dear to my heart--especially since we adopted our dog from a local shelter almost 5 years ago.


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