Saturday, June 28, 2008

Millie finds a home!

Last summer, this cute litter of five kittens and their mom cat entered the Feline Rescue foster system. The mama, Lucy Lou, was a very friendly girl, but her kittens were somewhat shy due to living under a porch for the first six weeks of their life. With socialization and time, the kittens tamed up and started finding homes. Not surprising, the colorful kittens were adopted first. The boys Willy, Mikey, and Joey went off to separate homes with great people. Lucy Lou was adopted too, and shortly after one of her kittens, Molly, went to join her in her home. Soon, only shy little Millie was left. Millie was the shyest of the bunch and she is also a black cat so she had a harder time finding that special person to adopt her. After a few months, we decided to move her from her foster home into our shelter where she would have more exposure and more socialization with various people, which would hopefully increase her chances of adoption.
At our shelter, Millie remained quite shy, but she was very receptive to a gentle pet and even accepted belly rubs when she felt comfortable. Her former foster mom is also a volunteer at the shelter, and she felt badly for poor Millie. Then one night, she had an idea. She emailed all of the people who adopted Millie's siblings letting them know that Millie was still searching for a home to accept her and love her as she is. Miraculously, the family who adopted Mikey last summer came to our shelter to take Millie home as well! So Millie has now rejoined her brother in their forever home! If we get updates we will be sure to share them.

Millie as a kitten, summer 2007

Millie now, all grown up

*****Congratulations, Millie!*****


  1. That's great that Millie has found a loving home. She's turnedinto a very elegant house panther.

  2. Millie really does look like a panther. I wish my two panther cats, Lana & Starlet would find their forever home!

  3. Millie was a very sweet girl. Is it just me or did Willie look like the love child of Mr. McGregor. Oh, how I miss him!

  4. Ah, I just found this site, that was my porch they were all living under! I am so happy they all found such loving happy homes, I'm tearing up right now!


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