Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome to Feline Rescue, Charlie Brown!

A girl brought home a kitten that a family was giving away. The girl's mother called Feline Rescue because they could not keep the kitten in their home and she was sure the kitten was too young to be away from its mother cat. She wondered if we had a nursing mother cat?? Well, we thought of Lucy right away since she had so willingly adopted the orphan Linus.

Linus is five weeks old now and he really needed a kitten friend/playmate. The woman thought the kitten she had was 4-6 weeks old. People typically estimate younger than a kitten is, so we didn't know what to expect.

I picked up the kitten and was shocked at how young he was. He was three weeks old at the most -- his little ears weren't even fully perked up yet. He was at a birthday party for a three- year-old so he was worn out from all the attention from the children.

Lucy's initial reaction was to sniff and hiss and even bat at him a bit, but Linus was excited right away to have a new little brother, though he was a little disappointed that the tiny kitten couldn't play as hard as he could.

We had to call the little guy Charlie Brown. He weighed only about 12 ounces, probably half of Linus's weight. S & I gave Charlie some formula from a syringe and he drank it eagerly. He was clearly very hungry and thirsty.

Afterwards, Lucy showed some interest in cleaning him. By the next morning, Lucy let Charlie Brown nurse and she was taking care of "pottying" as well as thorough baths. CB doesn't seem to be getting enough nourishment from nursing, so he is still getting formula from the syringe several times a day, but he is thriving.

We don't think that he can see very well yet due to his young age, but he follows Linus and Lucy around like a baby duckling. He also comes to people when he hears them because he knows they bring food and cuddles, too. Thank goodness Lucy was willing to nurture another little adopted baby. They are so sweet together!


  1. Lucy is such a wonderful momma cat! And what cute babies she's caring for.

  2. Lucy is a very special foster Mum, she really is. It's lovely that Linus has a new playmate and little Charlie is thriving.

  3. Oh, Lucy is such a sweet kitty! She is a natural Mommy!!! I'm so happy that they are thriving. Your site is fantastic!!!


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