Friday, July 11, 2008

A Purrfect Pair!

Lana and her cousin Starlet are still in foster care waiting to find their forever home. Both were living outdoors at the same location, but their owner didn't want them any more and was threatening to shoot them.

Lana was a very young mom when came to the foster home with her five small kittens. The kittens were known collectively as the Chipmunks because this lovely solid black momma had five brown striped kittens: Chip & Dale, Simon, Theodora and Alvie. The Chipmunks are all happily settled into new homes and celebrated their one-year birthday already in June, but sweet Lana still waits.

Starlet is named for the small white star on her chest, but otherwise she is the perfect match for Lana -- small in size with sleek black fur and green eyes. Starlet was an older kitten when she came to foster with her brother Popcorn. Popcorn was adopted with one of the Chipmunks, but Starlet still waits.

Lana is very loving and adores attention, Starlet likes to hop in your lap for pets when you are settled in to watch television, but, like many cats, she doesn't like to be chased down and picked up. These two girls love to play together and are very bonded. They are good at entertaining themselves and are past the naughty, frantic kitten stage.

Please consider this beautiful pair!


  1. Oh...they are beautiful! I'm going to post them on the Cat Blogosphere! Hope they get forever homes soon!!!

  2. I hope they find homes soon. They are beautiful.

  3. We love black cats!! We hope they both find forever homes soon!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  4. What a beautiful shiny pair, they are so beautiful, I hope a forever home is just around the corner for them!


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