Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Foster Cat Moppet Shines at Cat Show

An update on Moppet from her foster mom, Linda:
I have had Moppet for quite a while. She is now a little over a year old. As a small kitten she had some medical issues. She had been stepped on and we weren’t sure if she had any internal injuries. She was x-rayed and scanned and everything was negative. One of her blood tests kept coming back with off-the-chart results. She also drank a lot of water, but it was determined that her kidneys were fine. I continued to watch her and take her in for periodic blood tests. After several months the blood test came back normal.

Moppet is now ready to be adopted. She gets along fine with the other cats in the house. She is not aggressive, but she doesn’t let herself be bullied by the other cats. Another strange thing about Moppet is that she growls a lot when she is picked up. She doesn’t show any signs of anger when she does this. Moppet likes to sleep with people but she does not seek out laps. She really needs to be with at least one other cat – age doesn’t matter. I think she would also tolerate a dog. Moppet is very gentle and would be good with children. She is polydactyl (front and back).

Moppet recently went to a cat show for pure breed cats and was entered in the Household Pet category. There were a totol of 24 cats entered and they only award ribbons to the top 10 cats. Moppet took ribbons in two of the six rings – a 4th best and a 10th best. She was very calm in the strange, noisy surroundings and I was very proud of her.

Here is a picture of her with her ribbons.

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