Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spud and the Vanalikalikes

Remember these babies?

A week after they arrived in foster care they were joined by a lonely only who had been named "Spud" at the vet's office, where he was relinquished with a big swelling and hole in front of his belly that turned out to be the home of a botfly. Well, that was taken care of in short order, and he was just the right size to join his new family of mostly white cousins.

Georgie, Pookie, Puddin, Pi and Spud have been busy eating and growing and are now eight weeks old. They weigh mostly around 2 lbs (Puddin is a little smaller), and have been exceedingly healthy, energetic and loving. In four weeks they will get their second disemper shots, be spayed and neutered, and will be looking for homes.

Now, who wants to sign up to take a couple of darlings?

Big purrs, loves to cuddle, and the cutest low-pitched voice.

Blue eyes, hears fine, but prefers not to listen when he is doing something naughty. Likes laps.

Sweetie sweetie pie. Loves snuggles. Usually found hanging out with her boyfriend Spud.

Long-haired, roly poly snuggly boy. Another lap lover.

Sweet as can be, but always ready to wrestle with the other little boys. He does have a crush on Puddin, though.


  1. WHat ahppy kittens, they look really healthy. Just as well I'm on another continent, or I'd snaffle them all up and bring them home.

  2. * What happy kittens

    ...that should have read. See, I'm so overwhelmed by the cuteness, I can hardly type!


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