Thursday, February 25, 2010

Abused Kitten Recovering

Flower was recently rescued from abuse.  This very sweet, 5 month old kitten has already undergone surgery to repair her leg.  Flower also came to us with a fractured pelvis and upon examination the veterinarian found that she had old fractures to her ribs.  We had initially assumed that her jaw had also been injured because her mouth was hanging open, but the vet found that a front tooth had been broken off at the root exposing the nerve.  Flower was holding her mouth open because of the extreme pain from her injured tooth.

Once she is well enough to leave the hospital Flower will spend as much time as needed recovering in a Feline Rescue foster home before beginning her search for a peaceful, caring forever home.

Please send good thoughts her way for a full recovery.  We hope to have some happier photos and update very soon.

If you can help with Flower's care, please contact Cathy at 651-230-3263, visit or click the "Donate" button just to the right of this post.

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  1. this is a very sweet story and hopefuly one day i cn become a vet to save a animals life like flower


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