Monday, June 24, 2013

Abandoned cats ready for forever home

Pele and Kumo were two of the first cats to be rescued from a foreclosed home where over 60 cats were abandoned (inside and out). Here they were enjoying their first meal in days.  

The cats were very scared at first in their foster home, hiding all the time. But they are adjusting well and ready to find a forever home. Here's the update from their foster caregivers:

Pele (brown tabby) has made so much progress in being social. She doesn't mind being picked up, loves being played with and fed, and frolics around with the other kitty.  They're pretty much best friends and cuddle and play and even wash each other sometimes. I've learned that Pele is very easy to train, and I've even gotten her to play fetch with me sometimes.  Her favorite toys are tiny aluminum balls and pipe cleaners (she REALLY loves pipe cleaners, don't worry - I make sure there aren't any sharp edges). Pele has even grown to sleep with us sometimes at night at the foot of the bed. 

Kumo (grey) I have not lost hope on yet! She is older than Pele and so is taking more time to adjust, but she has made huge progress since getting here. She'll let people get close if they have something she wants.  She even ate something out of my fingers once. I took your advice and only feed them and let them eat when I'm sitting next to the food, and that seems to have helped a lot. Instead of hiding all day, she is willing to be seen most of the time.  At night, she seems much more relaxed around people and doesn't mind being close. Sometimes when I give her treats or catnip, she'll inch closer to me curiously but run away if I twitch or something. But it doesn't take her long to try again. Last night she was curled up next to Pele on the couch next to the couch I was sitting on. Also, during the night I hear them chasing each other all the time.

Thanks to Kirsten and Cory for stepping up to foster these girls so we could save more of the cats. Is anyone ready to take it from here? For information on adopting Pele and Kumo, call 651-295-3758 or email

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