Monday, June 10, 2013

The right diet for your cat

Good nutrition can make all the difference for the health and happiness of your cat.

Albert weighed 22 pounds when he was abandoned. At this weight, it was difficult for Albert to play or even get around. He came to stay at Woody’s Pet Food Deli, where he was fed a raw food diet to lose weight and get healthy.  

Today Albert is several pounds lighter and happy and healthy in his forever home.

Mama Love arrived at Feline Rescue with possible food allergies, missing fur from her midsection back.


After several weeks on a raw food diet, Mama Love’s coat has grown in. Now she’s happy in her new home too!  

To learn more about cat nutrition, visit The Feline Nutrition Education Society features lots of articles on the connection between diet and disease and information on how to feed your cat for a long and healthy life.

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