Thursday, June 20, 2013


Sweet little Sassafras is looking for a home.  Here, Sassy's foster mom provides a description:

Describing Sassafras gets may be my imagination, but she seems to change from moment to moment (Sassy's so a lady-like sort of way...). So here's what she's not (pretty much):

Sassy's not very big or very old, but I wouldn't say she's still a kitten. She isn't always playful but she doesn't sit still a whole lot either. If there's a ribbon around, she might not jump for the Cat Dancer. And I've noticed that watching birds from the windowsill isn't quite as intriguing to her as, say, playing soccer. When her foster sister, Chipmunk, doesn't want to wrestle (which isn't often) Sassy might - or might not - be found napping at the top of the cat tree. And Sassafrass doesn't cuddle all the time, but I certainly wouldn't describe her as stand-offish.

Her fur? Well, Sassy's not a long-haired kitty, but she's not exactly short-haired either. Depending on the light, her fur might look brown and black, and those faint tabby-stripes aren't always visible. Her tail, though, is definitely not just ordinarily's maybe a little bit "puffy" - except not long puffy, if you know what I mean. Oh, and her eyes aren't totally gold or totally green - and they don't miss much.

Finally, I'm sure she doesn't know she has feline leukemia because she has no current health problems, so I'm not going to tell her. Lavish her with love and care (like you would any beautiful, sweet, quirky kitty) and she'll never know the difference!

To meet Sassafrass or hear more about her, call 651-295-3758 or email

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