Saturday, June 1, 2013

Update on foreclosure cats Petunia and Posey

Petunia and Posey were taken in by a Feline Rescue volunteer and are making wonderful progress. This week Petunia will return to the vet for her eye and spay surgery.  Then the girls will be ready to find their forever home! Here's their story from their foster mom:

Petunia was one of the most adversely affected cats at the foreclosed home hoarding situation. Frighteningly thin with a damaged eye, this petite tabby has touched my heart. Yes, she is shy but is coming around. Petunia has stripey legs and tail but her torso has a more solid/mottled gray appearance with a darker stripe running down her back.

Because Petunia needed extra recovery time to become sufficiently robust for her spay surgery and to have her eye examined, she was staying in my computer room on her own. However, after living with 50+ cats, she seemed pretty lonely and scared. So to help Petunia adjust to her new life, Posey joined her. It was beautiful to watch their reunion. They curled around each other, bumping heads, and settled down to sleep together. They remain very bonded and need to be adopted together.

Posey is also very petite and is a lovely calico with beautiful markings of black, orange, and white. She has a black moustache and a black dot under her chin. Posey is the most outgoing of the two kitties while Petunia has a very gentle nature. Posey thinks she's a real smarty pants.  She loves her bed now that she's discovered it.

Both cats are shy but are responding well to attention and are relaxing in their new environment. Of course, they enjoy sitting in the windowsills, playing, and are excellent about using their litter box. Both cats are young and LOVE other cats. When the door to their room is open and my own cats walk by, or come into the room, Petunia and Posey cry and rush over to greet them. They assume every cat will love them, probably because they lived with so many.

Petunia was fascinated with the feather wand when I was playing with one of my cats in their room. Tentatively, then with more enthusiasm, she started playing as well. Posey is more assertive with her toys and drags or bats them around. Both are now interested in expanding their horizons beyond their room. The normal cat curiosity has kicked in.

It’s been rewarding to watch Petunia and Posey respond to loving care, particularly considering the horrifying environment in which they lived. These little girls don’t ask for much; a safe home together with sufficient food, comfortable places to curl up, and the human love they didn’t experience in the past.

For more information about adopting Petunia and Posey or to help care for other cats abandoned on this property email or call 651-295-3758.

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