Friday, June 14, 2013

Foreclosure cat update: Henry at home

Henry, the orange and white kitty, was one of the last few cats to be rescued from the foreclosed property where over 60 cats were abandoned without food. He has already been adopted and is living the good life with plenty of food, love, and a kitty companion.

Some kitties, especially the shyer ones, are still looking for foster or forever homes. Marlin and Little Turnip would love to find a home with someone willing to work on socializing them together. Marlin, a beautiful black cat, is an adult and the only cat found on the property who was already spayed/neutered. He likes to be petted but is shy. Little Turnip, the fluffy kitty, is younger and much more afraid. But she finds comfort snuggling with Marlin in tight places. And she also loves mealtime! If you can help email

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  1. good update - glad these kitties are getting your help!!


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