Monday, March 10, 2008

The Fun Girls

Looking for FUN?!

I've got two beautiful foster cat girl cousins who are looking for a new home together. Lana and Starlet came from the same location. Lana came to me with a litter of kittens who have already moved on to new homes. Starlet arrived with her sister who has also found her new home.

Lana is just over a year old and Starlet is just under a year old, but they already look like twins. Both have shiny short black coats, but Starlet has a white star on her chest. Lana is fun-loving and outgoing and loves to be petted. Starlet is a little more shy, but she is the lap kitty.

They LOVE to play together and it's just fun to watch. Call 651-230-3263 for more information.

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