Saturday, March 22, 2008

Three kittens!!!

Today I was awakened (for the second time) at 7:24am, with a buzz from my phone alerting me to a text message that Vanna was having her kittens. I know, you have no idea who Vanna is, but you'll have to wait for a post from Denise filling in the details.

Yes, there are too many unspayed cats in the Twin Cities, but yes, cat people get excited about kittens, anyway. It's just in our nature. Are these the first kittens of 2008? I would say of Spring, but with 6 inches of freshly fallen snow that label doesn't seem appropriate.

Just a couple of fuzzy phone pictures so far. In the last news update three hours ago there were three kittens, all white with a gray spot on the head and gray tails. Carbon copies of Mom. Mother and babies are doing fine.

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