Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rosie Update

Rosie came to me from another foster caregiver who had found her living outside and she raised her from a kitten. She was nearly grown up when I got her and a little shy around the other cats in my house, but she had the softest fur. Her original name was Dusty, but that just wasn't right for such a beautiful girl, so I adjusted it to Dusty Rose and called her Rose. That name stuck and she was adopted by a young woman who wanted her first cat. I got an update from her today and they are doing great! Rosie is proudly showing off the wonderful cat tree made for her by her adopter's dad.

I just wanted to tell you again how happy Rosie and I are that we found
each other. (last time you emailed I was in the middle of midterms so I
didnt really have time to type this up). She fits into my life

She's grown so attached to me! She always greets me at the door when I
come home, and wakes me up in the morning when my alarm goes off. She's
figured out that alarm means petting time and climbs up and lays on top
of me until she get snuggled. Everyone loves her; she's really come into
her own since she moved into my house. She's the little princess and she
knows it. She loves watching the tropical fish we have, and is not
nearly as shy as she was when I first met her. She's gotten a bit more
talkative too. She doesnt mew much (except when she want out of the
room) but she sure does chirp!

Thank you so much for doing what you do! You help create lots of happy

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