Thursday, March 27, 2008

Names for the Vanalikes

It is always a struggle to name a foster cat before you have had a chance to get to know them. It is the same problem with newborn kittens.

Vanna, the momma cat, got her name because she looks like the breed of cat known as the Turkish Van. When I did a little research on the breed I learned that cats that just look like the Turkish Van are called "vanalikes".

Well, I loved that word and that is how this group of kittens will be known. However, they still need names and S and I have been toying with "V" names (Vance, Vanessa, etc.) or Easter names since the kittens were born on Easter weekend. The Easter names seem more fun. We are considering Bunny and Bonnet for the two girls and Bo for the boy. Any suggestions?

Vanna and the Vanalikes are doing great. Life is pretty easy for a mom cat with just three kittens. They have gotten so fat so fast! She is a wonderful mother and her tendency to bite me seems to have disappeared since the kittens were born. Must have been hormones!

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