Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lady Lucy & Lance

UPDATE 6/17/08: These two lucky kitties were adopted together!!! Congratulations Lady Lucy & Lance!

Lady Lucy and Lance are a stunning mother-son duo. Lady Lucy was brought to our shelter last fall with her two nursing kittens, Lance and Lacy. Being the good mother that she is, she also adopted two orphan kittens that needed a mama and nursed them right along with her own kittens.

Everyone has been adopted except Lucy and Lance. They're an incredibly striking pair of tabbies. Lance is now about nine months old, and Lucy is a little under two. Even though Lucy is done mothering Lance, they still sleep together and she grooms him. They're both very friendly, gentle, and loving cats. Lance even likes to play fetch! They've been raised in an active home with four kids, so they should adapt to most households. If you'd like to hear more about them, please call our foster coordinator, Cathy, at 651.230.3263.

Lady Lucy


  1. Stunning mother/son photos!

  2. Such a smart pair of tabbies and so sad that they haven't been adopted yet. Maybe a special home for them is just around the corner.


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