Saturday, May 5, 2012

And then there was one...

Candy found herself pregnant and homeless, so she was very grateful to come into the care of Feline Rescue. After a visit to the vet, she traveled home to a foster babysitter for the weekend.
She chose a special spot beside the toilet in the bathroom/nursery instead of all the lovely beds that were offered. Foster mom and foster babysitter agreed that Candy might not have her kittens for weeks, she just wasn't big enough.
They were wrong. Mom cats are unpredictable. She had five kittens over the course of twelve hours the next day.
Unfortunately, the first two were underdeveloped and stillborn. The other three appeared premature and all had crippled back legs and curly tails. The problem could have been genetic or the result of inbreeding or a toxin or overcrowding in the womb.
Lollipop was the last born, mostly white, precious and very small. She died within a day or so.
Skootch, the fourth born, white with brown tabby spots, was the biggest at birth and his legs were the least twisted but he never managed to nurse. Syringe feedings of formula were not enough and he passed away in his sleep, too.
Skittles, the brown tabby was the first live birth and he is thriving. He is strong and active and nursing well. He has gained weight steadily.
We are gently giving him physical therapy for his legs to move them into the correct position and you can see the improvement in just one week. This has been accomplished successfully by a Feline Rescue foster caregiver for a kitten with the same problem two years ago.
Candy is such a good mom. She LOVES her canned food and lots of attention!!


  1. that is just sad....and yet good news for Candy and for Skittles - we know they are in good hands

  2. I am soooo sorry for the loss of those precious little lives. I am glad the kitten that is left can be helped. Poor little least this is the last baby she will have .....

  3. Such very sad news about this little family. Bless the volunteers who attempted to save all of them. Bless you, too, for all the tender care you're giving to Candy and Skittles!


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