Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello! HelloKitty

This sweet little girl came in as an orphaned kitten along with a number of other kittens.  She was found outside huddled, with other kittens, around a momma cat who had died.

HelloKitty's foster caregivers have all described this little girl as unique.  For a young kitten she has an "old soul".  Even though she weighs less then a pound and is probably only about 5 weeks old she keeps her fur perfectly clean, hangs back when the other kittens get too crazy playing, and waits patiently, with her tail curled primly around her feet, at mealtimes while the other kittens are yelling and trying to climb their foster moms legs.

HelloKitty is just one of dozens of kittens Feline Rescue has taken in this spring.  We are up to over 18 litters of kittens.  Stay tuned for a new fundraiser to raise money for food and medical care for all of these kittens.  Or you can donate online any time indicating that you would like your donation to assist with caring for kittens in the foster program.  Thank you!

HelloKitty will be for ready for visitors in about a month.  For more information about our available kittens, please contact our volunteer foster adoption coordinator at 651-705-6264.


  1. awwww - how sad that their mommy didn't make it (and they were found right there). She is a cutie with those big eyes!!!

  2. So glad these babies were found and rescued.... RIP momma kitty :'(


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