Friday, May 25, 2012

Grey Kitten Updates

At first Cho was pretty shy but in the past 2 weeks she has become the most loving and cuddly kitten! She loves giving kisses and playing with feet. Today she and the other kittens met Lucien, one of her foster family's cats and she fell in love! She was following him all around the room, giving and getting all the cat kisses!

Bellatrix is still the leader of the group! She loves to explore, whether it's a new person that walks into a room, a loud noise or a fun new toy, she is always the first to check it out.  She loves affection and attention and is such a pleasant little kitten.

Lucius is a hilarious little kitten. He turns everything into a toy and is in constant play mode! Of course he is calm and cuddly too but if he happens to spot a toy roll by he is up in an instant and ready for play. Lucius is a very sweet little mama's boy and when he is asleep, he is always curled up by his mama, Luna.

Kingsley is still a shy boy but has improved greatly. When he first arrived to his foster home, he was a hider and a hisser! He is still easily spooked but will now let you hold him and love on him and play toys with him.  He has even fell asleep in his foster parents arms a few times!

This litter of kittens will be ready to go to their forever homes within a few weeks!  If you are interested in meeting any of these kittens, please contact Joan at 651-705-6264.


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