Thursday, May 24, 2012

Peewee is Home

Peewee has found his home and we just received a glowing update from his family.

I just wanted to share with everyone there about how well Peewee is doing…which is wonderfully! He’s starting to relax to where he feels comfortable to play and be goofy. He’s been enjoying sitting in the windows which sends the local crows into a tizzy. He’s very talkative and affectionate!

When he’s not lounging on the sofa he will follow my daughter or me around. He uses his litter box like a good boy, doesn’t eat my plants and hasn’t bothered my guinea pigs at all. We tried to introduce him to one and well, he ran away scared, poor baby. Peewee is such a good boy and we love him so much. And you can see by the photos he’s made himself right at home!

Know he’s being well cared for and loved!


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