Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Foster Home Needed: Please Help!

Update: Foster home found. Thank you all for spreading the word! We will continue to need more foster homes as we anticipate many more kittens being abandoned at our shelter this spring/summer.

Four kittens were dumped in front of the shelter this afternoon in a box.  They were left in the hot sun while the shelter was closed and no one was around to find them. Luckily a volunteer happened to be driving by the shelter and investigated.  These kittens are about 6-8 weeks old and are in desperate need of an immediate foster home. 

If you can help, or know of someone who can help, please call ASAP: 651 230-3263.


  1. Ah the sheer stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me... it was truly a guardian angel that led the volunteer by the shelter! So glad these beautiful babies were saved!

  2. They are in a foster home right now and doing really well. We don't think they were strays as they are pretty social little bits of fluff, and have lovely manners. they are little eating machines, and have all discovered their purr.


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