Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Skittles scuttles!

Remember Candy and her sole surviving kitten Skittles? All five of Candy's kittens had deformed legs and tails, two were stillborn, two more died within days. Skittles is out to show the world that she is going to have as normal a life as possible.

Candy is a good mother keeping Skittles well-fed and perfectly clean. She is teaching Skittles her life skills like using the scratching box and litter box.

Skittles gets around pretty quickly and she loves to play with toys and wrestle when Candy will indulge her. Skittles even does a full body pounce on her mom's tail.

Skittles left rear leg allows her to push off but not actually stand up; her right rear leg, unfortunately is twisted like a corkscrew and not useful. Her stubby tail is also curled firmly like a corkscrew, but is fluffy enough it looks like a bunny tail. She is going to be a special needs girl, but she is oh so loving and fun.

Candy is as sweet as you would expect and she craves petting. The only thing she likes better than cuddles is eating -- you'd think she was nursing a whole litter instead of just little Skittles :-)

Don't blink! Here is a mini-video of Skittle scuttling!!


  1. I sure hope someone will give this little family a chance to stay together!

  2. Do you think the twisted legs can be corrected? I have heard of some others being able to correct if it is addressed while young. Found this link in a quick google search.


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