Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ashley, A True Companion

There are many deserving older cats looking for a second chance at having a happy home.  When you adopt an adult cat, you make room for more cats and kittens to come in off the streets.   Another benefit to adopting a mature cat over a kitten is that you know exactly what you are getting.

If you are looking for a lap cat and a follow-you-everywhere kind of friend, Ashley is your girl!  Ashley had a home for many years.  But when her person’s life changed direction, Ashley no longer fit into the plans.  So she returned to Feline Rescue, scared and confused.

Ashley is an affectionate cat who forms strong bonds with the people she trusts, so losing her person was difficult.  But it took Ashley just a week to bond with her foster caregiver.  She follows him everywhere.  Her favorite thing to do is to cuddle in his lap.  Now Ashley is ready to find a forever home.

Ashley has quite a few years under her belt.  But she’s very healthy and active.  If you have an empty lap and are looking for a true companion, please consider adopting Ashley.  This old girl deserves a loving home and lots of attention.

For more information about Ashley, call 651-295-3758.


  1. Oh! She's beautiful! I happen to be one of those people who doesn't want a kitten. Senior cats are awesome!

    Do you know how old Ashley is?

    1. She is a pretty kitty! Ashley is about 14 years old, so she has many happy years in front of her :)

      For more info. you can call 651-295-3758.

  2. I'm sorry poor Ashley lost her person through no fault of her own. With my own kitties, its "til death do us part" so I can never understand that mentality.


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