Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nelson & Sister Chipmunk Alvie

Hi, Foster Mom--

I wanted to send you an update on Nelson. I hope you and all of your furry friends are well!

Today is June 1st and it is the birthday of your foster cat Nelson, aka “Chip”. Nelson is 5 years old today and he has a happy tale to tell you.

CHIP/NELSONThis past spring I started visiting a neighborhood pet food store called Calhoun Pet Supply. I noticed that they had a store cat who is a beautiful tabby. Since I have a special place in my heart for the tabbies I spent each visit getting to know this cat. I quickly found out that her name is Alvie and asked the usual questions of the store employee about her.

I asked where they got her and how they got the name Alvie since I remembered that one of Nelson’s siblings was named Alvie. All of Neslon’s siblings were named after Alvin and the Chipmunks and I found this to be very curious.

CHIP/NELSONWhen I adopted Nelson I was also asked if I wanted to adopt Alvie but because I already had 2 cats I declined. Nelson and Alvie were close as litter-mates. I always felt a bit sad knowing that I could not adopt her and she had to be left to be adopted by someone else.

What I found out about this little tabby is pretty amazing to me. Alvie was indeed adopted through Feline Rescue from her foster home which she shared with Nelson. She was adopted to a good home but due to some family changes ended up happily re-homed to Calhoun Pet Supply.

ALVIEAfter 5 years I have found Nelson’s sister Alvie and lucky for me no one ever changed her name. Now I have a permanent new friend and another part of my family I can visit anytime I wish. This is wonderful, Alvie has a good loving place to live and I visit her regularly to talk to her about her brother Nelson. She has so many of Nelson’s characteristics and she has been a joy to find and meet. Another wonderful Feline Rescue story!!

ALVIEI’m attaching a few photos of Nelson and Alvie for you to see. Thanks again for being such a wonderful foster mom to Nelson and Alvie. Thanks to Feline Rescue my life has been enhanced and touched by both of these magnificent kitties.


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