Friday, June 15, 2012

Sponsor Cuteness

The cutest kittens ever often come to us as orphans. Others are born in foster care to homeless moms. Every litter needs veterinary care, food, vaccinations, and more. Feline Rescue has plenty of love. However, kittens also need the stuff that money can buy.

Join us as a Friend of Kittens and sponsor a litter. As we say, "every litter bit helps!"

Friends of Flicka has offered to match, dollar for dollar, the first $2,000 in sponsorships! Choose your litter quickly - and become a Matched Sponsor. (Friends of Flicka is a Minnesota non-profit foundation dedicated to animals.)

For $100, become a Friend of Kittens and select a litter of cuties to sponsor and receive weekly photos for up to 8 weeks from their foster family and watch them grow toward cathood.

For $200, become a Special Friend of Kittens and select your furry team, receive weekly photos for up to  8 weeks and one visit at the foster family's convenience to ooh and awww and cuddle the little dears.

For $250, become a Special Friend of Homeless Moms and select, when posted, a pregnant mom in foster care. You'll receive 8 weeks of photos, including the newborns, one cuddle visit, and the chance to name the babies. (Mom cat would name them, but she'll be busy nursing.) Feline Rescue reserves the right to approve the names.

View our current litters available for sponsorship.  Each litter may have as many sponsors as possible. Everyone welcome. Once you've chosen a family and selected your Sponsorship level, click the "Donate" button on our Razoo page. Then, check the box "Dedicate My Donation To Someone", and write in the chosen family's name. We need to know to send you their pictures!

Team sponsorships: Can't quite do $100, $200, or $250? Get a friend to join you and each of you put in $50 to get one sponsorship - or 3 friends with each of you putting up $25. Team sponsorships must be purchased at the $100 minimum, but you may call yourself "Team Betty's Kids" or such, and provide all of your email addresses to receive the pictures.

All Friends of Kittens, Special Friends of Kittens, and Special Friends of Homeless Moms will be recognized on Feline Rescue's web page and/or in The Scoop unless you ask to remain anonymous.

Sponsorship does not include any preference for adoption of the sponsored kittens or other Feline Rescue cats. All sponsors seeking to adopt must follow the regular foster screening and approval processes.

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Feline Rescue at

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