Friday, June 29, 2012

Kitten Season: How You Can Help

Kitten season is here and the pressure is high to help all the little ones out there.    Feline Rescue is inundated with calls for help every day, and we need your help:

  • Adopt an older shelter cat (or two!) to make room to get more cats off the streets.
  • Help get community stray cats spayed and neutered.
  • Take in and care for a stray cat or kitten until you can find it a home or a spot with a rescue.
  • Volunteer to socialize feral kittens- it's fun and rewarding!
  • Donate to Feline Rescue.

For more information on how YOU can help the cats and kittens in your neighborhood, call the Spay-Neuter Outreach line at Feline Rescue at 651-642-5900 ext. 4 or email us.

Matty and Morty are two kittens who were recently helped through our spay-neuter-outreach program.  Their mom, a feral cat, was spayed and released back outside.  The kittens were taken in by a volunteer to be socialized and recently found a great forever home.  You can help make more happy endings like this one!

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