Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In Need of Sponsorship!

Little Ginny is used to being a little different. She's the only orange sibling in a litter of black long-haired fluff balls. They play together; she plays by herself. They pile together onto the top level of a one level kitty condo; she sleeps in a nearby cat bed. But now her siblings are fairly healthy while poor little Ginny is hospitalized. She has a fever of 105 (normal cat temperature is 100-102). She coughs. Her lungs sound crackly. She also has giardia and roundworm. The vet has ruled out distemper and pneumonia but is a little confused about what's causing Ginny's fever.

Little Ginny would like to return to her foster home, where she gets kissed on the nose and brushed (and there are lots and lots of bent-up pipe cleaners to play with) but she cannot leave the vet until her fever breaks and she begins to feel better. In the meantime, she needs help with her vet bills. You can sponsor Ginny and the rest of her litter (brothers Louie and Moe and sister Millie) by donating to Feline Rescue. After clicking on the "Donate" button, enter "Ginny, Louie, Millie, and Moe" in the "Dedicate my donation to someone" box (which will appear if you click on the "dedicate" link on the form).

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  1. Poor baby....we are sending purrs to her. We have had kittens get a really high fever with a high parasite count (fixed with fluids and 3 days of panacur) and our last bunch had a weird variety of calici that had a serious high fever. we hope they figure it out for her soon!


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