Monday, February 10, 2014

Batman the community cat

A few years ago, outreach volunteers were helping to spay/neuter a colony of cats in South Minneapolis when they came across Batman. Batman had been surviving on his own for quite a while. By the time he landed in rescue, Batman was FIV-positive and had gotten in a fight or perhaps caught in barbed wire and was ripped open from his face down to his arms. The vet stitched him back up, and Batman started on the road to an easier life filled with rest, relaxation, and plenty of people to love him.

At first Batman was cared for, along with another FIV kitty, by a couple of different Feline Rescue volunteers. Batman’s buddy passed away a few years ago, but a series of young people have continued to care for Batman. As one party moves on with their lives, another has always stepped up to care for this loving cat.

Batman currently lives with Mary. “Honestly,” says Mary, I don't really view him as ‘my cat’ because he had so many great people in his life”. Mary recently shared pictures and an update on this special kitty:

Batman came to live with me in August. His previous owner was a friend of a friend, and she was moving out-of-state for a job. I never was a cat person, but I had met Batman a few times, and I thought it would be more fun to take on a grumpy old man cat than a crazy kitty. When he first came into my house, he did exactly what I expected—he b-lined it straight under my bed and hunkered down in the deepest, darkest corner. But that lasted for less than a day, and now he rules the roost (which I never thought would happen).

I didn't see him at his worst, but he seems to have recovered extremely well from his times on the streets. He's fluffy, well fed, and is playful for about 2 minutes every day (he IS an old man cat—anything more than 2 minutes seems excessive to him).

Every time I come through the door, he hops off of whatever he's lounging on and scampers to meet me at the door. He is a little bowlegged and stiff, so he does this sweet little hobble-run to greet me. It's the most charming and adorable thing I have ever seen. He has a couple nicks on his ear and some scarring/bald spots down the sides of his head and neck, but his big yellow-green eyes and his adorable pink nose makes it hard to notice anything else about him.

He lets absolutely anyone and everyone pick him up and hold him like a baby. He also is a great lap cuddler and would sleep on my face if I let him (sometimes I wake up to a world of fur pressed against my face). He tends to get into bed like an Aristocat: he saunters head-first underneath the covers, makes a 180-degree turn, and plops his head on the pillow next to mine with the rest of his body under the covers.

I would like to think of my house as his retirement home. He gets to eat when he wants, sleep when he wants, and doesn't have other people or pets to bother him (save for the occasional dinner party).

What I'm saying is... Batman is spoiled beyond belief. And he deserves it.

Thank you to Mary and all the wonderful volunteers who have helped take care of Batman!

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