Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Ceiling Boys

"Window Kitties" Artemis and Mister (Now Gus and Didier) first came inside at about 5 weeks of age. Their mother, a stray, brought her 5 kittens through the open window of the apartment where a man had been feeding her. They went on to be fostered by some Feline Rescue volunteers. Didier and Gus were adopted a few weeks ago, and their new family recently sent an update.
They've taken 3 weeks to really join the household because they, unfortunately, found their way into our basement's dropped ceiling on the first day, and spent the first week up there!
But gradually they've come down and their only real barrier to full citizenship in the household is our jealous old cat, Natalie.
Anyway, here they are (Didier is the tuxedo, Gus [Auguste] the tiger):

Looks like they've gone from being Window Kitties, to Ceiling Boys, to just regular house cats!

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