Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jacobi at Home

Jacobi was abandoned outside an apartment building in St. Paul. When a Feline Rescue outreach volunteer took him to the vet to have a cyst on his shoulder and a painful tooth removed, Jacobi also tested positive for the feline leukemia virus. It can be harder to place cats like this, but they deserve good homes too.

Pamela met Jacobi last spring but had to wait until she moved to an apartment that allowed cats to adopt one. Another volunteer agreed to foster Jacobi, and he was still waiting for Pamela in November when she was ready to take him home.

A sweet boy like this can live a happy, healthy life. A stress-free environment is important, and it looks like Jacobi's got that covered! Pamela recently sent this update:

Just wanted to tell you how much I love Jacobi. He is such a sweet guy and so good. I hate to go out and leave him alone. Many times he sits by the door as I am getting ready to leave and looks at me with sad eyes. I know he loves me, too. We have had a few visitors and he is very comfortable around other people.

I decided that his birthday will be May 17 - the first day I saw him and he is going to be "five" this year. Based on what you and Kate and his new vet indicated, that is the age I picked.  I had [the vet] visit him last month just to check him over and give me an update on his health.  He is fine, and I have to work on having him lose weight, more exercise, and cleaning his teeth regularly.  I have some new toys coming in the mail today. We are working on brushing his teeth. He keeps biting the brush. I attached some photos of him for you to enjoy.

Thanks to Pamela for giving this special guy a good home!

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